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sd_storage Histocompatibility
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Data Leaders

Big data and analytics are in inextricable part of the healthcare landscape, and Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics is no exception. The amount of data can be overwhelming; and organizing, mining, and presenting that data will be a challenge for every laboratory. We’ve committed to excellence in interoperability and data governance as pressures mount to include discrete data into the EMR. We work with centralized IT departments, the physician community, and EMR providers, and we’re able to deliver solutions that work for you.

beenhere Time Tested

Our products have been used in HLA laboratories for the last 15 years with unrivaled stability and continuous improvement. We’ve seen first-hand the process challenges within the laboratory, and we have the experience to overcome the unique challenges in Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics. HLA Data Systems is committed to our proven solutions in the industry as well as innovating new solutions to help your institution fulfill its organizational mission.

accessibility Your
HLA Advocates

We want to be your champion in the laboratory, in the clinic, and in the world of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics. The regulatory environment is constantly evolving, as are vendor requirements and hospital policies. It has become nearly impossible to keep up with the shifting demands of the industry. That’s where we come in. HLA Data Systems will partner with you in all things related to the HLA laboratory: interface projects, workflow improvement, user training, and much more.

Introducing mTilda
making lab life easier

mTilda is a Windows based LIS for the world of histocompatibility and immunogenetics. mTilda is used as the LIS of choice for some of the most innovative and process-intensive laboratories in the country. Through user-feedback and customer relationships, we continue to learn the needs of HLA labs. Countless expansions and improvements have been developed over the years, and Fred and Barbara have continued serving their clients thoughtfully and without fail.

view_quiltInterface Design and Implementation

An LIS solution must communicate with a suite of software. Our team are experts in both design and implementation of interface initiatives.

Next: Optimize your Workflow

syncWorkflow Integration

mTilda isn’t just a superior LIS solution, it’s also a process improvement and workflow improvement solution. We are constantly using the feedback of our users to improve their lab processes and make life easier for the supervisors.

Next: Discrete Data

storageDiscrete Data

An LIS solution must communicate with a suite of software. Our team are experts in both design and implementation of interface initiatives.

Next: Customized Interface

Introducing vxMatch
quick virtual crossmatches

Looking for more than a simple ‘positive’ or ‘negative’? Do your physicians want more data visualization, like DSA history and trending graphs? The next generation of Virtual Crossmatch is here, connecting to any database, and available to you anywhere you have an internet connection!

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Introducing 3Ring
simplify lab documentation

3Ring is a digital solution to capture, organize, secure, search, and share all your paper-bound data.

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Support and Services

Your HLA Advocates

Our software products enhance the laboratory, but lab professionals are the true force behind the success of a lab. The technologists, coordinators, managers, supervisors, and directors who work tirelessly to accomplish the organizational mission.

Our desire is to match that dedication with unparalleled service. Not only to design customized software tools for your organization, but to empower you with the best support in the industry. We speak with our clients every day because we know the challenges inside the laboratory require partnerships, not just vendors.

Support Options

  • settingsProcess Support

    Laboratories have a lot of moving parts, whether it be new instrumentation, new data requirements, new interfaces, or customized reporting. We are here to help! Our team has years of experience and the technical expertise to support you in all your lab challenges.

  • hearingPartnership Listening

    We want to hear from our partners and clients because we know the value of that relationship. You can contact us at any time through numerous different channels built for your convenience. Have a comment, a question, or just want to chat? Call us, email us, connect with us on social media, or chat with us online. We love talking to our partners!

  • storageKnowledge Database

    Getting the support and answer you need sometimes requires pooled resources. That’s why we’re building knowledge tools that everyone can access and improve. We have a community of mTilda users who are committed to our software, and to making that software better through shared knowledge and help tools.

Our Story

15 years ago, Fred Hoefnagel sat in a room with an HLA Laboratory Director with the intention of designing a Laboratory Information System.

Fred had experience in designing software, and expertise in programming. After months of interviews, iterative testing, validation, improvement, and recoding, mTilda was born. That spirit of customization and specificity for our partners continues in the mTilda culture. And while mTilda was originally designed as a custom solution, Barbara and Fred have constructed and improved the architecture, functionality, and form of mTilda. Every lab can benefit from its robustness, comprehensiveness, and simplicity.

Meet Your Team


Creator of mTilda

Fred Hoefnagel is the software guru behind mTilda. It was Fred who designed and built the first iterations of mTilda and its predecessor, OTIS. Through his knowledge of software and his extensive HLA knowledge, he authored the code of mTilda, and continues to improve its stability and breadth.


Chief Software Architect

Barbara Ure was an integral part of mTilda’s inception, and continues to be an integral part of its improvement. As Chief Software Architect of HLA Data Systems, she is responsible for subject matter expertise, product expertise, and the continued development of all software solutions.

Collin Brack


Collin Brack brings years of Healthcare IT experience to the leadership team of HLA Data Systems. He is an advocate for data leadership, innovation, and product development in the healthcare sector. As President, Collin leads all business development and operational efforts.

Austin Fatheree

Chief Technology Officer

Austin is an expert programmer and an innovative thinker. Throughout his career, he has successfully designed dozens of custom programs and software solutions for large, demanding clients. As Chief Technology Officer, he leads all development efforts and is involved in strategic decision-making.

Brett Loehmann

Vice President of Applications

Brett Loehmann brings years of HLA Laboratory management and expertise to the HLA Data Systems team. He has been a user of mTilda for a decade, and he knows the depth of its application within the lab. As the Vice President of Applications, Brett leads all training efforts, integration and implementation efforts, and supports the development of new applications.

Adam Day

Chief Financial Officer

Adam’s functional background is in customer experience consulting and he is an advocate for the Voice of the Customer. He brings marketing, finance, and leadership experience to the team. As part of the leadership team of HLA Data Systems, he is involved in strategic, financial, and operational decision-making.

Contact Us For a Demo

Whether you need to make an LIS decision immediately, or you are just starting to explore software options, there is no substitute for seeing the product in action. We are more than happy to give you an in-depth demonstration or just an overview. We can work with our functional script, follow a script that you’ve created, or mix and match according to your lab needs and processes. Just drop us a note below and we will be in touch shortly!